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9am Fight + Surrender Class with Karema DeJesus

This one hour class combines invigorating high intensity interval training, the Fight, with de-stressing yoga postures, the Surrender.  Karema will teach to individual physical fitness levels, tailoring the exercises and postures to ensure success.  So, come as you are!  Let’s Move AND be Still! 



1015am Chair Holy Yoga with Tammy Notoriano

This 50 minute class takes you through exercises and postures designed to build strength and flexibility, all with the assistance of a chair. Perfect for people who have a hard time getting up and down from the floor.  Everyone can get the benefits of yoga and God’s Life-Giving Word in this class! 


1130am Holy Yoga with Myreya 

A one hour basic class designed to build strength and flexibility.  The teacher will offer modifications and variations for individual needs.  Holy Yoga combines breathing exercises, yoga postures and God’s Word.  Students will leave feeling de-stressed and re-freshed for the plans God has for you and your life.